Wisdom of Solomon – Chapter 9

{9:1} “God of my fathers and Lord of mercy, who has made all things with your word,
{9:2} and by your wisdom has established man to have dominion over the creatures which have been made by you,
{9:3} so that he would order the world in equity and justice, and execute judgment with an upright heart,
{9:4} give me wisdom, the handmaiden at your throne, and be unwilling to reject me from among your children,
{9:5} because I am your servant, and the son of your handmaid, a weak man, and short-lived, with limited understanding of judgment and laws.
{9:6} And if someone were perfect among the sons of men, yet if your wisdom was taken away from him, he would be counted as nothing.
{9:7} You have chosen me to be a king of your people, and a judge of your sons and daughters.
{9:8} And you called me to construct a temple on your holy mount, and, in the city of your dwelling, an altar in the likeness of your holy tabernacle, which you have prepared from the beginning.
{9:9} And with you is wisdom, who is familiar with your works, and who was nearby when you made the world, and who knows what is pleasing to your eyes, and who is guided by your teachings.
{9:10} Send her out of your holy heavens and from the throne of your majesty, so that she is with me and labors with me, and I will know what is acceptable with you.
{9:11} For she knows and understands all things, and will lead me soberly in my works, and will guard me by her power.
{9:12} And my works will be acceptable, and I will govern your people justly, and I will be worthy of the throne of my father.
{9:13} For who among men can know the counsel of God? Or who can imagine the will of God?
{9:14} For the thoughts of mortals are timid, and our foresight is uncertain.
{9:15} For the corruptible body weighs down the soul, and this earthy dwelling presses many thoughts upon the mind.
{9:16} And we assess with difficulty the things that are of earth, and we discover with labor the things that are within our view. So who will search out the things that are in heaven?
{9:17} Moreover, who will know your mind, unless you give wisdom and send your holy spirit from on high?
{9:18} And in this way, those who are on earth are corrected in their path, and men learn the things that are pleasing to you.
{9:19} For by wisdom they are saved, who have pleased you, O Lord, from the beginning.”

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Wisdom of Solomon – Chapter 8

{8:1} Thus, she reaches mightily from one end all the way to the other, and she orders all things sweetly.
{8:2} I have loved her and searched for her from my youth, and have asked to take her to me as my spouse, and I became a lover of her form.
{8:3} She glorifies her lineage by having companionship with God; yes and of all things, the Lord loves her.
{8:4} For she teaches the teaching of God and is the chooser of his works.
{8:5} And if riches are longed for in life, what is richer than wisdom, which is being served in all things?
{8:6} But if the mind is to be served, who, of all that exists, is a greater artisan than she?
{8:7} And if anyone loves justice, her labors hold great virtues; for she teaches temperance and prudence, justice and virtue, and nothing is more useful in human life.
{8:8} And if one desires a multitude of knowledge, she knows the past and forecasts the future; she knows the subtleties of conversation and the response to arguments; she understands the signs and portents, before the events take place, events both of the present time and of future ages.
{8:9} Therefore, I resolved to take her to me to live together, knowing that she will be a good counselor and will console my thoughts and my weariness.
{8:10} Because of her, I have clarity in the midst of confusion, and honor among the elders in my youth;
{8:11} and I will be found to be astute in judgment, and will be admired in the sight of the mighty, and the faces of leaders will wonder at me.
{8:12} When I am silent, they will wait for me; when I speak, they will respect me; and when I talk for too long, they will put their hands on their mouths.
{8:13} Thus, by means of her, I will have immortality, and I will bequeath an everlasting memorial to those who come after me.
{8:14} I will set the peoples in order, and nations will be subject to me.
{8:15} Hearing me, terrible kings will be afraid; to the multitude, I will be seen as good and valiant in war.
{8:16} When I go into my house, I will repose myself with her, for her conversation has no bitterness, nor her company any tediousness, but only joy and gladness.
{8:17} Thinking these things within myself, and recalling in my heart that immortality is the intention of wisdom,
{8:18} and that in her friendship is good enjoyment, and in the works of her hands are honors without flaw, and in debate with her is understanding, and glory in sharing conversation with her; I went about seeking, so that I might take her to myself.
{8:19} For I was an ingenious boy and had been dealt a good soul.
{8:20} Even more so, being good, I came to have an undefiled body.
{8:21} And since I know that it is not possible to be chaste except as a gift from God, and that it is a point of wisdom to know whose gift it is, I approached the Lord, and I besought him, and I said with my whole heart:

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